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Farooq Nazir

Member - Board of Governors

After Graduating from University Farooq Nazir worked with Price Water House and Ernst & Young until he was hired by Unilever in 1984, where he embarked on a management career that included executive roles across three continents culminating with management roles for Unilever in the Levant region, and later Canada.

While at Unilever, Farooq learned from a wide range of business challenges from start-up leadership to mergers and restructuring to shutting down an operating business function. After Unilever, Farooq joined Tetley GB in London, and took up board responsibility for the company’s joint venture in Pakistan Over the years, he has continued to develop a portfolio of board roles, offering his strategic, financial, and risk management expertise international companies and family businesses in the region.

Currently, he serves on the board of various Descon companies.